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A Firm With a Different Focus 

Churches are becoming targets.  Whether the attack is coming from long-time members, the recently-joined, or those who are simply taking advantage of what they see as an easy mark, clergy-members, churches and other faith-based organizations are increasingly the target of litigation.  Whereas a generation ago, people would shy away from suing a church or a Pastor, today there is a cottage-industry of lawyers and law firms seeking out and suing churches and the clergy.    


This reality led to the formation of Wise Counsel Legal Services.


Wise Counsel was formed to provide churches and faith-based organizations much-needed access to legal counsel and representation.  Whether the need is for advice and assistance with drafting bylaws or church policy statements, internal conflict resolution, or actual litigation defense, Wise Counsel was created to be the legal resource for biblically-focused people and their organizations.

Our Main Practice Areas:

Church Law

Employment Law

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Business/Contract Issues

Just Some of What We Can Handle:

Constitution & Bylaw Review and Crafting

Church Polity Questions

Church Staff Oversight and Supervision

Intra-Church Disputes

Policy & Procedure Manuals

Employment Handbooks

Risk Assessment and Minimization

Litigation Support  

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